Why Taskhub?

Easiest way to collaborate. Have clarity on who's doing what by when.

What Taskhub do?

Manage assigning the right tasks to the right employees. Set task completion time, due dates, and Task description across team members to increase work efficiency and achieve results faster. Eliminate bottlenecks in project management with our latest Taskhub. Track the actual time taken to complete a certain task and compare it to the specified task completion time to evaluate an employee’s efficiency and increase productivity.

Receive Real-time Notifications

Our Taskhub pushes real-time notifcation, email to alert its users for new task entries and any updates in task. Supervisors can now easily follow-up with their team members and help finish tasks on time with our real-time notifications.

Visualize your progress

The Progress bar show the current progress of the assigned tasks and you can moniter your teams task pending on visualizing progress bar.